Online Sessions for School Students

Would you prefer to come to UT Dallas campus & get one-on-one tutoring from CS Outreach instructors and progress in your own pace? Or, do you live far away from the campus or simply prefer online sessions? We can accommodate both! We can help with most programming languages and other CS topics (our tutors may be able to support other areas, case by case basis). Follow these easy steps to set it up:

  1. Submit the details using Google form
  2. We will review & inform you if we can handle it.
  3. Visit UTD registration system to register each child separately and sign the online forms required by UT Dallas and pay $16 (this payment translates to one hour of tutoring).
  4. Forward the email receipt to [email protected]
  5. Dr. Jey will respond with the tutor information – communicate directly with the tutor to schedule the first session!
  6. After the first session, estimate # of hours for the next week/month and pre-pay at (fee is $16 per hour for 1 or 2 students & additional $5 per hour for each additional student at – you can add them like shopping cart and checkout together as one transaction).
  7. Forward the email receipt to the tutor to keep going!

You can adjust the amount for the following month based on the actual usage during the current month & we will continue with the pre-paid model. You can keep the sessions one-on-one OR you can find a friend to join and split the cost.

Note: UT Dallas rules require that the parent be present with the child for the whole tutoring session / continuously monitor the communication during online tutoring sessions. Thanks for your understanding & complying with the UTD regulations. 

Private Tutoring for UTD Students & Adults

We can provide private tutoring for most CS topics. Follow this procedure to get started. In case the assigned tutor does not work out along the way, please email us – we will assign a new tutor – no problem!

  1. You should submit the tutor request using Google form
  2. We will review & assign a instructor if we can handle it & inform you.
  3. You should pre-pay for a few hours through (fee is $16 per hour for 1 or 2 students & additional $5 per hour for each additional student at – you can add them like shopping cart and checkout together as one transaction).
  4. Start the tutoring & keep track of the hours, pay again when you run out of hours.

If you decide to cancel the tutoring along the way, please let us know – we will refund the balance. Also, if you would like to change the tutor, please let us know as well.

Private Sessions at Off-site Locations

Do you live far away from the campus, or even in another city? Want to gather a few friends and have coding sessions/camp in a local library or a community meeting space? Sure, we can come to you! You can select the days, hours and topic – we will send the instructor your way! Use this calculator to get an idea about the fee.

Don’t know which one to get started? Review the background information, one-page flyers on popular camps and detailed description of most topics. You can also review this slide-deck if you are specifically interested in off-site coding camps. Please submit your request online. We will call you within a day or so to discuss and confirm. You can email us or call 972-883-4241 to discuss.

You can pay the fee once you get the confirmation. Total amount can be paid as a lump-sum or the individual families can pay for each child separately. Here are the steps to pay for Offsite Sessions:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the amount & click on Add to Cart
  3. Enter Description
  4. Participant’s full name
  5. Continue and complete the processing.

Technical Talks by UTD students/faculty

We are happy to provide technical talks to schools or companies in Dallas or anywhere around the world! Hourly fee for such invited talks will be $25 per hour for UTD student speakers and $50 per hour for UTD faculty speakers – payable at In-person talks will involve additional logistics and additional fee. Please email [email protected] to get started.

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